Generatepress Review 2024 – Is It The Fastest WP Theme?

Introduction of Generatepress Review 2023

Generatepress Review


Generatepress Review
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Pre-built Websites
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Generatepress Review

Generatepress is one of the fastest WordPress themes. This helps the website owners load their site more quickly than any other WordPress theme with affordable pricing


Are you looking for the Generatepress Review 2023?

Then you have landed on the right blog post.

Why this is the right blog post for Generatepress Review?

The straight answer is…

I have been a Generatepress premium subscriber for the past two years.

Generatepress Review
Generatepress Review

Some of you guys might Why I have chosen the Generatepress theme for this blog website.

Generatepress is the No. #1 fastest wordpress theme than any other theme.

And they are charmingly compatible with the world’s No. #1 best & popular page builder Elementor.

Fortunately, the price of the Generatpress theme is very cheap and affordable for everyone.  

Now without wasting time, let’s dive deep into the Generatepress review 2023.

About Generatepress

Tom Usborne is the creator of the Generatepress theme. He currently lives in Vancouver Island, British Columbia with his wife Stacey, and his two little girls.

He has been creating websites since the age of 11. And he has more than 11 years of experience working with wordpress.

Before starting the GeneratePress WordPress theme, he was a freelance web designer/developer creating websites for small to medium-sized businesses.

Now, he spends all of my non-family time developing and supporting the GeneratePress theme.

Generatepress Features

Generatepress wordpress theme is loaded with various extraordinary features that help your website to be steady.  

Moreover, the Generatepress theme comes with features like Prebuilt websites, faster page loading speed, page builder compatibility, and a few more.

Even all my websites are built using Generatepress theme only because of their value for money and faster loading times compared to all the wordpress themes. 

Very Light Theme

Page Size is one of the main factors for a website. Page size should always be as as low possible to get a quick loading speed.

Fortunately, Generatepress comes with a very low space compared to other wordpress themes in the world.

Generatepress theme size will be only lower than 50kb. This is a very low space occupied by a wordpress theme.

They say it as light to light-to-feather

You can compare the Generatepress theme with any other theme. But surely Generatepress will win the game.

Blazing Fast Loading Time

Everyone needs to access a faster-loading website. This is not only for visitors. Even Google will not rank your website higher on search engines if your site loads more than 2-3 seconds. And it increases the bounce rate. Then you will end up with your business in losses.

But you don’t need to feel about the website speed if you use the Generatepress theme. Because of their lightweight, you will get blazing fast load times for your website compared to other wordpress themes.

I am sure that if your website is built using the Generatepress wordpress theme, then the speed is going to overtake the rocket.

Haha, it is crazy, right?

See how my website loads within one second. Even I am not using the premium caching plugins like WP Rocket at the time of the test.

Generatepress Loading Speed Performance
Generatepress Loading Speed Performance

Note:  This website is hosted on Namehero WordPress hosting.

Ease & Flexible Customizations

Some of the wordpress themes are not flexible. It is very hard to customize those crappy themes.

However, the Generatepress theme comes with flexible customization features. Everything can be customized in your wordpress dashboard itself.

You don’t need to touch any single line of code to customize your website.

Then how to do the customization. Now I am going to explain all the Genreatepress theme customization features.

First Go to your wordpress dashboard. Then Click on appearances and go to customize.

Now you will be entered into the customization area.

  • Site Identity
  • Layout
  • Colors
  • Typography
  • General
  • Menus
  • Widgets
  • Homepage Settings
  • Additional CSS

Now let us see the Genratepress customization features one by one briefly.

Site Identity: You can add your logo, site title, tagline, and favicon. You can also select to show the title or not and for the tagline to show or not.

Generatepress Identity
Generatepress Identity

Layout:  This is the second one and inside it, you will find a few more additional features like Container, primary navigation, sticky navigation, header, blog, sidebar, and footer.

Generatepress Layout
Generatepress Layout

The layout features are mainly focused on all the size customization features like applying padding to any specific containers, header and footer building, navigation menu size, and sticky menu settings.

And you can also customize the sidebar layouts and edit their sizes. 

Colors:  With the help of the color customization features, you can easily edit the colors of anything on your website like header color, primary navigation color, button colors, text colors, link colors, and so on.

Generatepress Colors
Generatepress Colors

In simple words, all the color customizations will be done here.

Typography:  With the help of typography customization, you can edit the style of everything on your website like content typography, heading typography, and so on.

These are the most needed customizations required by a website, and they can be easily done with the Generatepress wordpress theme.

Generatepress Typography
Generatepress Typography

And I am not using any page builder plugin on this website.

Menus:  This menu option is all about customizing the menus. Like what menus should be shown on the websites.

Generatepress Menus
Generatepress Menus

Homepage Settings:  Here you can choose what should be displayed on the home page. Either the recent post or any other specific page.

Generatepress Homepage Settings
Generatepress Homepage Settings

Widgets:  With this option, you can start Customizing the sidebars easily.

Generatepress Widgets
Generatepress Widgets

For example, you can add any text, link, or banner ads, on the sidebars.

50+ Pre-built Websites

Some of you might not know how to design a website. And some of you need quick websites without making your hands dirty.

It is Possible?

Yes, it is possible with Generatepress Premium.


Generatepress Premium version allows you to access their built-in site library that comes with various stunning pre-built websites in various designs.

Generatepress Site Library
Generatepress Site Library

Some are built using page builders like Elementor and Beaver. Many are built using the Gutenberg editor. 

So, you can choose any pre-built websites that you like the most and import them with the one-click importer without making your hands dirty.

Page Builder Compatibility

Everyone looks for it including me. Why?

Page builder will help you to create a website that is what you see on other websites or what you need exactly.

Page builders help everyone to create a website without any technical background easily using their drag-and-drop editor.

And there are so many page builders are there. But I always recommend my readers to go for Elementor. 

Because I have been using it for more than one year. And it is really worth the money.

Unfortunately, some wordpress themes will not be compatible with page builders.  

But Generatepress is 100% compatible with Elementor like a charm.

So, you can design pages also using Elementor page builder with their ease of use of drag and drop editor.

Generatepress Free Vs Premium

Generatepress is a freemium wordpress theme that comes with both free and premium versions.

If you are a new beginner and don’t have a big budget, then go for the Generatepress free version.

But If you need more customization features or modules that you need for your website, then purchase the premium version.

Generatepress Free Vs Premium
Generatepress Free Vs Premium

Generatepress is really worth the money.


Generatepress premium version comes with additional features that make your website 100% flexible compared to the free version.

  • Blogs – Customize the blog layouts to masonry and many more interesting features
  • Colors – Customize the color everywhere
  • Copyright – Edit the Copyright Sentences
  • Elements – Customize the theme layouts
  • Disable Elements – Add or Remove the elements in One-click
  • Menuplus – Customizations like changing the Mobile header, and sticky navigation menus.
  • Secondary Navigation – Create Secondary Navigation Menus
  • Site library – 50+ Pre-Built Websites with One Click Importer
  • Spacing
  • Typography – Change the typography that you like the most
  • WooCommerce – 100% Flexible for E-Commerce websites. Customize EVERYTHING!

Generatepress Pricing

As I told you above Generatepress is a freemium plugin.

Generatepress Free

Generatepress free version is also available with basic customizations.

Generatepress Premium

Generatepress Premium plan comes with two pricing plans. One is Yearly and the other is Lifetime.

Generatepress Pricing
Generatepress Pricing

Generatepress Yearly plan comes with all the premium features, Full access to the Site library, one-year updates with support and you can use GP Premium for up to 500 websites. The price of this plan is $59/Year.

  • All the Premium Modules and Features
  • Full Access to The Site Library
  • Use on up to 500 websites
  • Get Updates Up to One Year
  • Get Customer Support Up To One Year
  • 30-Day Money Back Guarantee

And the second plan is lifetime this plan comes with all the features in the yearly plan with lifetime updates and Support. The price of this plan is $249/One-Time Payment.

  • All the Premium Modules and Features
  • Full Access to the Site library
  • Use On Up to 500 websites
  • Life Time Updates
  • One-time payment
  • Lifetime Support
  • 30-Day Money Back Guarantee.

These are the two pricing plans of the Generatepress wordpress theme. And now let us jump to the pros and cons section of the Generatepresss review.

Generatepress Pros

  1. No.1 Fastest Loading Speed Time
  2. 50+ Pre-built Responsive Websites with one-click import
  3. Cheap & Affordable Pricing
  4. Userfriendly Customizations
  5. Great Woocommerce Integrations
  6. Compatible with various page builders
  7. No Upsells
  8. 24/7 Customer Support
  9. Developer Friendly WordPress Theme
  10. 30-Day Money-back Guarantee
  11. Well Documented Theme

Generatepress Cons

  1. Limited Customization is a Free version. If you are looking for more customization in the free version, then it is not a good fit.

How to Install Generatepress theme

First, log in to your wordpress dashboard.

Now Hover to Appearance and go to themes. Then click on Add New and search for Generatepress.

Now click on Install and Activate.

The Generatepress Free is now installed on your wordpress website.

How to Install Generatepress Premium

Step 1 – Click here to visit the official Generatepress website.

Step 2 – Click the premium button you will reach the pricing page. Scroll down, and you will see the pricing of the Generatepress Theme.

Step 3 – Now select your liked pricing plan. If you have a good budget or like to stick with one theme, then go for the lifetime plan to save more money.

If you have a limited budget, then try the yearly plan.

Step 4 – For selecting the plan click the get started button to reach the checkout page.

Generatepress comes with two payment methods. They are Paypal and Credit cards.

Step 5 – Fill in your details and pay using your desired payment method.

Step 6 – Now log in using your credentials. Download the Zip File available inside your account.

Step 7 – Now login to the WordPress dashboard. And hover over to plugins and click on add new.

Step 8 – Click on Upload now and Choose the Zip file downloaded from the Generatepress website.  

Step 9 – After choosing the file Click on Install and Activate it.

Step 10 – Now go to Appearances => Generatepress and add your license key.

Step 11 – Scroll down a bit and activate all the premium modules one by one.

That’s all everything is done. But what is my honest opinion? Let us see the final verdict of the Generatepress theme now.

Frequently Asked Questions on Generatepress

How much is GeneratePress premium?

Generatepress costs around $59/year with one-year support and updates or $249/lifetime with lifetime updates and lifetime support.

Final Verdict of Generatepress Review

Generatepress is one of the best wordpress themes. The Generatepress theme comes with various features like a Site library, advanced customizations, Blazing fast loading speed, and many more interesting features that I have mentioned above.

Like Wise, this Generatepress Review is from a real user of the premium version of the Generatepress theme for more than one year.

This website is also built using the Generatepress theme only. So, I am sure that Generatepress will be the best and most affordable wordpress theme.

And if you like to buy the Generatepress wordpress theme, then click here or any of the above links to buy me a coffee without any extra cost.

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