Generatepress Vs Astra – Which Is Faster & Best in 2024?


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Many of the website owners might have confusion in choosing a wordpress theme while starting a new website.  

Generatepress Vs Astra
Generatepress Vs Astra

But the crazy fact is even I was too confused for a week in choosing the best wordpress theme for our website.

Then I came to the best themes for wordpress websites like Astra, Generatepress, Oceanwp, and some more.

After one week of confusion and testing both Generatepress and Astra, I have chosen Generatepress for this site

Overview of Generatepress Vs Astra

Website Speed Performance
Page Builder Compatibility
Developer Friendly
SEO Friendly
Beginner Friendly
Customer Support
Free Version
Ecommerce Compatibility
Premade Website Templates❌ – Low
LMS Compatibility
Premium Addons

I have tested both the Generatepress and Astra.

How was I tested?

First, I created a subdomain, and then I installed WordPress on the subdomain to test both the Generatepress and Astra themes.

Now start the test>>>>>>

About Generatepress

Tom Usborne is the founder of Generatepress. He was a freelance web designer and developer from 11 years old.  

He has more than ten years of experience in WordPress. Then he started the Generatepress theme, and now it has become one of the fastest wordpress themes in the industry.

About Astra

Astra was established in 2017 by a team called Brainstorm Force. They designed Astra as a fast, secure, and multipurpose theme.

After four years currently, they have 1.6 million-plus active Astra users. Astra is the No.1 non-default wordpress theme that has more users.

Generatepress Pros 

  • ReadyMade Sites for your blogs, E-commerce, and business
  • Supports Elementor, Beaver page builder
  • Free Version Available
  • Customer Support
  • woocommerce Integrations
  • Cheap Priced
  • 30 Days Money-Back Guarantee

Generatepress Cons

  • Little bit of Slow Speed
  • High limitations in the free plan
  • No Whitelabel License

Astra Pros

  • More Customizing Options
  • Quick Loading Speed
  • Free Version Availalble
  • Supports Elementor, Beaver page builder
  • Highly Flexible
  • 24/7 Customer Support
  • Integrate with LearnDash
  • 14 Days Money-Back Guarantee

Astra Cons

  • High Priced compared to Generatepress

Generatepress vs Astra – Loading Speed

Generatepress Loading Speed

First, I tested the Generatepress loading speed. Generatepress theme has fully loaded in 1.14 Seconds. And the page size is just 934.5kb, and that is very good compared to any other theme. Hosted on

Generatepress Loading Speed
Generatepress Loading Speed

Then I tested another website speed performance ( Generatepress theme has fully loaded in 269 Milliseconds. And the page size is just 167.5kb, and that is very good compared to any other theme. Hosted on

Generatepress Speed Performance
Generatepress Speed Performance of

Astra Loading Speed

For this, I have tested a which is using WPastra theme + Elementor and hosted on WPX Hosting.

So, the winner of the loading speed with content and without content is both taken over by Generatepress.

Generatepress Customization Features

Generatepress Free Features

Generatepress’s free version doesn’t provide any templates for you. And their free version is simply limited. You can customize it like font changing, sidebar layouts, colors of text and blog post titles, and a very few more.

Generatepress Premium Features

Generatepress premium version includes a handful of ready-made sites built by generatepress blocks, Elementor page builder, and Beaver builder.

And you will get access to all the modules in the below image. Generatepress theme will become highly flexible after purchasing the premium version. It includes sticky headers and navigations, a mobile-friendly header, and advanced layouts. 

So, finally, Generatepress is premium and is better than their free version.  

Features of WPAstra Theme

Astra Free Features

Astra theme has plenty of starter templates for the free version. So, you need not purchase their pro version for these templates.

There are more customizations like header builder, footer builder, Background color changer, and many more customizations available in the free version itself as shown in the below images.

Astra Pro Features

Like Generatepress, Generatepress also becomes more flexible after upgrading to the pro plan. You can integrate to learn dash, LifterLMS, Sitelayouts, Stick headers, and many more flexible and lovely features.

Astra provides more features and is more flexible than Generatepress. Generatepress free plans have very high limitations but Astra is not in that case.  

After seeing both the free and paid features of Generatepress vs Astra, Astra beats the competition.

So, Astra is the clear winner for features without any competition.

Page Builder Support

Generatepress supports Elementor Page Builder, Beaver Builder, and Gutenberg Editor. 

Which is the Fantastic Combination with Generatepress?

Generatepress with Gutenberg is a fantastic combination that gives more charm to your website. It means this combination will be best.  

Generatepress Block Editor
Generatepress Block Editor

But it also supports Elementor Page Builder. Even I am using this Generatepress + Elementor Combination.

Astra also supports Elementor, Beaver Builder, Gutenberg, and Brizy.  

Astra + Elementor
Astra + Elementor

Then what is the perfect combination here?

Astra + Elementor. This combination is a lover of most of the website owners including me. 

Generatepress Vs Astra Site Library

Generatepress doesn’t provide any site templates in the free plan. But, in the premium plan, they have many readymade websites Those templates are made with different page builders like Elementor, Beaver Builder, and Gutenberg.

Generatepress Site Library
Generatepress Site Library

But, Astra has more than 180+ Templates in its site library. And even the free plan also provides, some templates made with page builders like Elementor, Beaver Builder, and Gutenberg.

Astra Starter Templates
Astra Starter Templates

Who is the winner in this case?

Simply Astra is the winner.

Why Astra?

Astra provides complete sites for their free itself. But Generatepress doesn’t provide any readymade sites for the free-plan people.

Generatepress vs Astra Pricing

Generatepress Pricing

Generatepress has two plans only. Two plans consist same features but there is a single change. 

Generatepress Pricing
Generatepress Pricing

What is that?

Yearly plan or lifetime plan

Plan NameNo OF websitesPricing
Lifetime500$249/One time

You need to choose this or that. 

Their year plan has full access to the site library, 24/7 premium customer support, and future updates for one year, and you can use the license for up to 500 websites. The price of the yearly plan is $59.

The lifetime plan has all the features in the yearly plan plus lifetime updates. The price of the lifetime plan is $249.  

Astra Pricing

Astra theme comes with three plans named Astra Pro, Astra Essential ToolKit, and Astra Business ToolKit.

Plan NameNo. OF websitesYearly PricingLifetime Pricing
Astra Pro1$49$199
Astra Pro10$59$279
Astra Pro1000$69$349
Astra Essential ToolKit1$79$399
Astra Essential ToolKit10$129$599
Astra Essential ToolKit1000$159$699
Astra Business ToolKit1$149$599
Astra Business ToolKit10$169$799
Astra Business ToolKit1000$199$899

The pro plan comes with advanced colors, typography, mega menu support, Advanced blog layouts, and many more features. The pricing of the Astra Pro is $47/year for the yearly plan and $249 for the lifetime plan.  

The Astra Essential Toolkit plan comes with all the features in the Astra Pro + 145+ full website templates + Spectra Pro, Spectra Starter Templates plugins + Ultimate addons plugin for elementors.

Astra Business ToolKit

The Astra Business ToolKit plan comes with all the features in Astra Essential Toolkit +

  • Sure Feedback – Standard Liftime
  • Surewriter Pro Lifetime
  • Suretriggers Pro 6 months
  • Cartflows 6 months
  • ZipWP Pro 3 months
  • Skill Jet Academy Membership

The pricing of this Astra Growth Bundle plan is $249/year for the annual plan and $699 for the lifetime plan.

After, considering both of their pricing plans, Both of them are not the winner. It is a tie.


Generatepress provides fewer features at a medium price, and Astra provides huge features at a high cost.

So, both of them provide value for money.

Generatepress vs Astra Woocommerce Integrations

Generatepress can also be integrated with the WooCommerce plugin. There you can customize store notices, product catalogs, and product images.

Astra also supports woo-commerce plugins. And there, you can start customizing the store notice, product catalog, product images, single product, and some more. 

Not only Woo-commerce. Astra effectively supports Learndash and Lifter LMS.  

So, Astra is the clear winner when it comes to integrations with WooCommerce and other plugins.

So, Astra wins these woo-commerce and other plugins integrations.

Generatepress vs Astra Money-Back Guarantee

Generatepress provides a full 30-day money-back guarantee for both plans.

Astra provides a 14-day money-back guarantee for all their plans.

Frequently Asked Questions on Generatepress Vs Astra

Which is best Generatepress Vs Astra?

Astra comes with more prebuilt templates with many more free add-on plugins. So, if you are a non-techie person, then Astra will be the best choice for you.

Is Generatepress good for SEO?

Generatepress is a lightweight theme than all the themes in the wordpress world. If you are looking for an SEO-optimized wordpress theme, then Generatepress will be a good choice.

Can you use Generatepress with Elementor?

Yes, Generatepress is 100% compatible with Elementor. So, you can design websites easily using its drag-and-drop builder.

Final Verdict of Generatepress vs Astra

In my point of view, both Generatepress and Astra are the leading best wordpress themes for wordpress websites.  

But both the themes have some pros and cons. If are you confused, then don’t worry. I will help you with the below details.

Blog website = Generatepress

Woocommerce website = Astra

Learning Management System Website = Astra

Multipurpose theme = Astra

If you are a freelancer, then you should need a multipurpose theme and support with unlimited websites, right?  

So, you need to sign up for Astra without any distractions on other themes.


Generatepress supports only 500 websites for the premium version. But whereas Astra supports unlimited websites.

Why did I choose Generatepress Premium? is a blog website. That’s why I like to choose Generatepress. And I have been using this theme for nearly one year.

I think now you have come to know the theme that suits you. Even if you are confused, then comment down I will assist you in choosing the best wordpress theme for your website.

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