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Introduction of Happythemes Review

HappyThemes Review


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HappyThemes Review

HappyThemes is one of the best wordpress themes and comes with tons of templates for an affordable cost.


Are you searching For a HappyThemes Review? This post will help you to make the right decision to go for the Happythemes or not.  

Many of us looking for the best wordpress theme with affordable pricing. But unfortunately, none of the popular wordpress themes like Generatepress ($59/yr), Astra ($49/yr), OceanWp ($43/yr), etc. And they are not cheaply priced.

HappyThemes Review
HappyThemes Review

So, I researched a lot to find a good wordpress theme at an affordable price. At that time, I found these Happythemes.

And Happythemes is one of the hidden gems in wordpress themes.

Why happythemes is a hidden gem?

They provide reliable & best quality wordpress themes at a very low one-time price for all of its customers with a 50% special coupon code.

Now without wasting the time, let’s dive deep into the happythemes review.

What is Happythemes?

HappyThemes is one of the popular wordpress theme shops that comes with 30+ various wordpress themes where you can purchase various themes that you need for your blogging website.

About Happythemes?

Happythemes has a global team with more than 12 years of experience in website design and 8 years of experience in theme and plugin development.

Happythemes proudly reveals that they have more than 1000+ happy customers. And they are providing a very low cost for all of their themes with a lifetime license.

Now let’s jump to the features sections of the Happythemes reviews.

Why should we use Happythemes?

30+ Readymade WordPress Sites

Happythemes currently provides 33 wordpress sites in various niches like blogs, E-commerce, Restaurants, etc. And the list with its niche is here.

HappyThemes Premium Templates
HappyThemes Premium Templates

List of All the Themes

  1. Advanced Magazine
  2. BlogNow
  3. Course
  4. AudioCast
  5. For Profit
  6. DinePress
  7. FastVideo
  8. FlashMagz
  9. ForProfit
  10. WordPress
  11. Goodsite
  12. GreatWall
  13. Histogram
  14. Improve
  15. In-stock
  16. Keyword
  17. ListingPress Pro
  18. MakeMoney
  19. MyPortal
  20. MyShare
  21. social
  22. NewsBlock
  23. NewsNow
  24. PublishNow
  25. PureLife
  26. Revenue
  27. Revolution
  28. Scaleup Pro
  29. Standard
  30. Starter
  31. Stencil
  32. Subscribe
  33. VideoCloud
  34. VideoHost
  35. VideoNow

SEO-Friendly WordPress Themes

Everyone is looking to buy SEO Friendly wordpress themes. Because Google always appreciates SEO-friendly websites. And Google always wants to rank a fast-loading website.  

Not only for Google. Every human needs quick results. And a survey says If your website loads more than four seconds, then you are losing a bunch of traffic.

So, I have tested the loading speed of some of the themes from Happythemes.  

First, I have checked the loading of the Audiocast theme. The full loading speed of the website is just 2.0 Seconds and this is pretty much good for a wordpress website.

HappyThemes Loading Speed
HappyThemes Loading Speed

Second I have checked the BlogNow wordpress theme. It is a wordpress theme specially developed for bloggers & affiliate marketers.

HappyThemes Speed Performance
HappyThemes Speed Performance

The loading speed of this BlogNow wordpress theme is just 994ms only. That means it’s around 1 second. It is the top-notch speed for blogging or affiliate marketing websites.

Good Customer Support

Happythemes provides 24/7 technical customer support for its paid users.  

Some people will be new to this website designing field. And they might get many difficulties while using or designing. 

But you don’t need to worry!

Because, if you have any issues with their products, they will assist you within a few minutes through their support forum.  

And, ultimately they provide customer support only for paid users. So, you will get more rapid results for all the issues. 

Happythemes Pricing

All the single wordpress themes cost $39 for the lifetime. Annual pricing of all their 33 wordpress themes is $99/Year. And lifetime price of all 33 wordpress themes is $199.  

HappyThemes Pricing
HappyThemes Pricing

This is very low compared to any other wordpress themes available in the market. 

Luckily happythemes provides a flat 50% off their products including a single theme plan, yearly theme plan, and lifetime plan.

Common Features in all their pricing plans

  • Unlimited Domain Usage – Use it on unlimited websites
  • One-Click Installation – Install in Seconds
  • Mobile-Friendly Themes – Responsive in all types of devices
  • Search Engine Optimized Themes – Stunning Load times
  • Secured & Optimized Code – 100% Safe & secure
  • 24×7 Technical Support – Solve the issues within minutes
  • Options Panel

Happythemes Coupon Code

The coupon code for happythemes is “Save 50“. Visit the website and fill it while purchasing to get a 50% discount on all plans

How to activate the HappyThemes Coupon Code?

Step 1 – Click here or any of the links on this page. You will be redirected to the Happy Themes discount or pricing page.

HappyThemes Pricing
HappyThemes Pricing

Step 2 – Scroll down a bit you will see the signup now button. Then click on the signup now button.

Step 3 – Then enter your details for your happythemes account & choose the payment method either PayPal or Creditcard.

And finally, enter the 50% Happythemes Coupon Code “SAVE50”. Then click on next and pay the amount using your preferred payment method.

Step 4 – Then download and upload the theme that you need for your website in two clicks.

By this method, you can get a flat 50% discount on all happythemes products.

HappyThemes Alternatives

If you are looking for better alternatives for Happythemes, then I would recommend you go for 

Final Verdict on Happythemes Review

After posting this Happythemes review, I expect my readers will be excited about the Happythemes. All the above features I have mentioned are true and the coupon code is also 100% working. 

So, if you are looking to purchase Happythemes, then use any one of the above links to buy the Happythemes and buy me a Coke without any extra cost for you.

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