Kinsta Review 2024 – 100% Uptime With Faster Than You Think

Introduction of Kinsta Review

Kinsta Review


Uptime Performance
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Kinsta Review

Kinsta is a leading managed WordPress hosting provider. Kinsta provides premium WordPress hosting solutions for bigger sites and for people who are interested in hosting their sites in premium brands.


Are you looking for an honest Kinsta review?

Then this value-packed honest review of Kinsta Managed WordPress Hosting Platform.

Kinsta Review
Kinsta Review

Some of your minds will be wondering about the things that I am going to explain.

In simple words, I am going to cover everything about kinsta managed wordpress hosting companies like features, pros, cons, and how to sign up for their plans, 

And a few more things that will help to know whether Kinsta is a good hosting brand for you or not.

Overview of Kinsta WordPress Hosting

Uptime Performance99.9%
Loading Speed500MS to 1 Second
Average Server Response Time50 to 100 MS
Data Centers35 Data Center Locations
Hosting ServicesManaged WordPress Hosting
Application Hosting
Database Hosting
PricingStarting from $30/Month
Common FeaturesFree SSL Certificate
Free Kinsta CDN
Customer SupportLive Chat
Email Support
Phone Support
Knowledge Articles (Forums)
CDNKinsta CDN (One Click Activation)
Server TypeLiteSpeed Web Server
Custom CPanelNo

Now, without wasting time let us dive deep into the Kinsta review.

About Kinsta

Kinsta is a premium managed wordpress hosting company that helps you to host wordpress websites.

Kinsta was founded in 2013. It is one of the few independently owned wordpress hosting companies in the industry. Kinsta is more special than other hosting companies.


Kinsta is a premium hosting service. And all your wordpress website resources will not be shared with any other persons.

Not only this, kinsta is a highly secured hosting company like and Cloudways.  

Their quality does not drop a little till now. Moreover, 23,000+ big companies like Flippa and TripAdvisor are trusting Kinsta.

So, Kinsta has a bigger client base than all the hosting companies. And popular bloggers like Matthew Woodward, Shoutmeloud,, or those hosted on Kinsta wordpress hosting.

Kinsta has 29 data centers throughout the world with their own Content Delivery Network (CDN), and Secured Socket Layer (SSL).

Kinsta also provides quick and responsive customer support for the users.

Let me stop now.


Because, we are going to see Kinsta’s features, pros, and cons in-depth now.

It’s crazy, right?

Features of Kinsta

Kinsta Features
Kinsta Features

99.99% Uptime Guarantee

Uptime is a time that refers to the time your website is visible to your viewers.

some you might be in doubt about whether it is important.

Yes, it is very important. Because a minute of downtime will impact your website visibility from your audiences. So, it is very important to choose a hosting company that provides a reliable uptime.

And if you are going to choose Kinsta, then you don’t need to think twice.  


Kinsta provides a 99.99% Uptime guarantee for all hosting plans. But how can you trust them?

So, I made the process simpler by testing a website that has been hosted on the Kinsta managed wordpress hosting.

I have taken a popular blogger website shoutmeloud by Harsh Agarwal website and tested its uptime for the past two months in an uptime checker tool named Uptime Robot.

It’s boom!

Kinsta Uptime Performance
Kinsta Uptime Performance

The uptime is 100% for the past 30 days. So, their uptime is 100% reliable for any type of wordpress website. Then what about the Kinsta speed performance? Let us see now.

Kinsta Loading Speed Performance

Loading speed also affects your website ranking in the search engines like Google. And not only this loading speed also affects the user experience of a website.

Kinsta Load Time
Kinsta Load Time

For example, if you are visiting a website and it is loading very slowly. I am sure that you will leave the website. Because each and every user needs quick results.  

So, the loading speed of a website is also the next important thing like uptime performance

For loading speed, I have taken the website to check their loading speed performance.

First I checked their website speed in Gtmetrix. The time taken for the first byte is only 59ms. This is the No.2 leading winner in all our other hosting tests.

Kinsta Loading Speed Performance in GTMetrix
Kinsta Loading Speed Performance in GTMetrix

But now let us see the complete loading speed performance of the Kinsta managed wordpress hosting in this Kinsta review.

The performance score is 100% in GTmetrix. The first content-full paint appears at 216ms, and the largest contentful paint appears at 443ms.  

Finally, the website fully loads in 495ms. And this is very much faster than other hosting brands.

Next, I checked the load time performance in Pingdom. Pingdom shows a loading speed of 576ms which is also good.

Kinsta Loading Speed Performance in Pingdom
Kinsta Loading Speed Performance in Pingdom

Next or finally, I checked on the Google page speed insights platform. Which shows both the performance in mobile as well as desktop.

The mobile version of the website speed is 1.8 seconds and the desktop version of the website is 0.5 seconds (it means half a second)

So, finally, after testing the load time performances in multiple platforms, I am sure that Kinsta is providing a top-notch load time performance for the customers.

Pros of Kinsta

Super Easy-to-Use Dashboard

Everything will be worse if the user-friendly dashboard fails.  

Because some may be techie people and some may not.

Many people non-techie person will make this mistake and worry after selecting a hosting company.


Namehero is a wonderful shared hosting company. But they are the worst in the case of user experience. So, many people will purchase it and worry about it.

So, selecting a wordpress hosting brand with a custom Cpanel dashboard will be a better choice for beginners or non-techie persons.

Then what about Kinsta?

Kinsta provides a super easy-to-use dashboard for the customers. kinsta’s dashboard can be accessed by everyone including every beginner without any difficulties.

Kinsta Dashboard
Kinsta Dashboard

From their one dashboard itself, you can access everything like installing wordpress, Installing SSL, Installing CDN, adding websites, deleting websites, etc.

So, Kinsta provides a super-simplified dashboard!

Kinsta Customer Support

Kinsta provides 24/7 live chat support for its users. And that too with a higher-level technician. So, all your queries will be clarified by their higher-level technicians within in few minutes.

Kinsta Customer Support
Kinsta Customer Support

Next, Kinsta also provides self-help knowledgebase articles. So, if you are a little bit techie or exploring person, you can solve your website issues by following these articles.

Next, Kinsta provides free updates for their features without any extra cost. So, they will not charge you for any updates in their technologies.

Free Backups & Restore

Kinsta provides a backup feature for all their plans. So, if any problems occur or you lose any of your website files. You don’t need to worry.

Simply log in to your Kinsta dashboard and restore the backup files. As the dashboard is easy to use, you can easily restore your website files.

Kinsta Backups
Kinsta Backups

Kinsta’s starter, pro, business 1, and business 2 plans have 14 days backup retention period.

Business 3, and Business 4 have 20 days backup retention period.

Enterprise 1 to 4 has 30 day backup retention period.

For improved security in the case of bigger websites kinsta also provides a paid hourly backup feature.  

If you are not aware or do not know how to restore the files, then contact the Kinsta customer support team. They will do it for you.

World Wide 35 Datacenters

Kinsta has 35 data centers throughout the world in various countries including India. See the list of 35 data center locations.

Kinsta Data Center Locations
Kinsta Data Center Locations
Kinsta Data Centers
Kinsta Data Centers

And Kinsta has also a unique feature of selecting different data centers for different websites.

I think you have a doubt!

Let us give a small example

If you purchased their $60/month plan, then you can have up to 2 wordpress websites.

If you need to host one website in India, and another in the United States, then it can be easily done using Kinsta. Whereas other hosting providers will not provide these options.

Free Kinsta SSL in all the Plans

Kinsta is providing free SSL in all their plans. While other hosting companies provide let’s encrypt wildcard SSL certificates, Kinsta provides its own extremely secure SSL certificate.

Kinsta SSL
Kinsta SSL

This SSL will ensure that your website is safe and secure. Kinsta SSL enables your visitors to think that they have landed in a safe place.

And Kinsta SSL can be installed on their ease dashboard itself in one click.

No.1 Premium Managed Hosting Platform

There are many managed wordpress hosting platforms available. But Kinsta’s price is on the top. Even though the pricing is high, the customers are rushing to purchase Kinsta.

Do you know Why?

All your wordpress websites will be hosted on their dedicated servers. And none of your website resources will be shared with any other people’s websites.

So, your websites won’t be affected by any problems that occur on other websites. Your websites will keep on running like a charm.

Free Unlimited Website Migrations

Some of you have already hosted in other hosting companies. And now if you are thinking of shifting your website to Kinsta wordpress hosting, then you don’t need to pay any extra.

Kinsta provides unlimited free website migrations. So, after purchasing the hosting plan, simply contact the support team. The Kinsta support will migrate your website from your old hosting to Kinsta quickly within 24 hours.

2 Minutes Uptime Checks

Kinsta will check the website’s uptime repeatedly every 2 times. So, I am sure that there will be not any downtime. But if any downtime occurs, then you will come to know with the help of their uptime checker. None of the other cheap hosting providers will provide this uptime checker feature.

Server Level Caching

Kinsta has a server-side caching technology. And everyone knows that caching plugins is important for a wordpress website. 

There are many wordpress caching plugins available in the market. Some are free, and some are paid.

And Kinsta doesn’t allow you to install caching plugins like W3 Total Cache, Litespeed cache, etc.  

Kinsta will allow only one caching plugin to use on your wordpress website named WP Rocket. And even this is the No.1 WordPress caching plugin. Even I am using this plugin on all my blogs.  

But unfortunately, this is a premium plugin. So, you need to pay to use this plugin.

One-Click Staging Environment

A staging environment means creating a separate area of replication of your website where you can test whether all your wordpress themes or plugins are working fine or not.  

You can test each and every update in this area without pushing it into the live.

Creating a staging environment is very hard in the case of normal shared hosting. A few wordpress hosts like WPX, and Siteground provide you with creating a staging environment in their custom Cpanel dashboard. 

But Kinsta hosting bypasses all the hosting companies. You can create a staging environment and test any updates, and after testing you can push them to live within two clicks.

Free Hack Fix Guarantee

All your websites hosted using Kinsta hosting are safe and secure. Your websites cannot be hacked if you are hosted on Kinsta.  

But even if any hackers hack your website, the installation will safeguard & restore your website in a single talk with the support team.  

So, don’t worry about any future problems on your wordpress website if you opt for Kinsta hosting.

Overage Pricing Instead of Upsell

Kinsta will charge an additional amount if you exceed your limitations like disk space, bandwidth, etc. They won’t tell you to upsell. Companies like Siteground will ask you to upsell the plans if you exceed your limitations.

Kinsta Addons
Kinsta Addons

For example, if you want to host one website, then Kinsta’s price will be $30/Month. And it has a feature to host one website with 10GB of disk space.

But if you need more disk space, then you can get $2 per GB of disk space, $1 for an additional 1000 Visits, and $0.10 per GB for CDN Overages.

This is a pretty good deal instead of asking you to go for their upsell plan. And you can save more money using his way.

Cons of Kinsta

No Domain Name Registrations and Email Hosting

Kinsta doesn’t provide any domain name registrations for your websites. So, you need to purchase domain names from any third parties like Namecheap or GoDaddy.

And even small shared hosting companies are also providing email hosting. But Kinsta does not provide any email hosting. So, you need to purchase it from any outside players. This will make a few additional bucks to spend from your pocket.

Kinsta Hosting Plans

Kinsta offers 10 pricing plans. Kinsta charges a higher pricing than all the hosting companies. And all the Kinsta pricing plans are straightforward.  

Starter – The Kinsta starter plan allows you to host one website with 10GB of disk space, and 50GB of Free Cloudflare, and get up to 25000 monthly visits.

Pro – The Kinsta pro plan offers you to host two wordpress websites with 20GB disk space, 100GB free Cloudflare, and get up to 50000 monthly visits.

Kinsta PricingStarterProBusiness 1Business 2Business 3Business 4
No WP Sites125102040
No of Visits25k50k100k250k400k600k
PHP Workers224466
Backup Retention Time14 Days14 Days14 Days14 Days20 Days20 Days

Note: All the plans come with two months free if you are choosing the yearly plan.

Frequently Asked Questions on Kinsta

How secure is Kinsta?

Kinsta provides a Cloudflare enterprise-level firewall. So, your websites are 100% safe and secure.

Is Kinsta is Faster Than Bluehost?

Kinsta servers are 200% faster than Bluehost without any doubt as they are the No.1 premium managed wordpress hosting solution.

Does Kinsta Offer CPanel?

Yes, Kinsta offers a custom Cpanel dashboard for its users. So, a person without any technical skills can easily access their dashboard.

Final Verdict of Kinsta Review

After reading this Kinsta review, I am sure that you will be able to learn about Kinsta’s features.  

I am sure that most people will try to purchase Kinsta managed wordpress hosting now. And if you are one of them, then make sure to purchase through any one of the above links to buy me a Coke without any extra cost for you.

But if you are looking for budget-friendly hosting, then follow the Namehero review hosting that provides hefty features with your limited budget.

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