Kinsta Vs WPX Hosting 2024 – The Real Winner??


Hey first, thanks for visiting my post. This Kinsta vs WPX Hosting comparison when it comes to managed WordPress hosting. I am so excited to write this post.

Currently, I have hosted my website at Namehero, and this is better for my website. But in the future, Namehero will not be enough for my needs. So, I need to go for the best-managed WordPress hosting.

Kinsta Vs Wpx Hosting
Kinsta Vs WPX Hosting

That is why I researched many articles about the best-managed WordPress hosting companies. I found two companies Kinsta, and are on the top.  

Even though Wpengine is one of the leading WordPress hosting companies, I don’t like Wpengine because of its confusing prices. Then, I found the third choice of WPX hosting.

At first, I thought WPX, will be an average brand. But after researching more about them, WPX hosting became my favorite brand after Namehero.


WPX provides value at a low cost. So, this made me love it more. Their qualities are straightforward to the customers without confusing them.

Why this much competition?

Both of them provide rock-solid performance. No hosting brands can touch their quality.

Are you confused now?

But I found the solution and I am providing you 100% Free >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

KinstaWPX Hosting
Uptime performance
Load Time
Security features
Customer Support
Free Website Migrations
Data Centers
Ease of Use

About Kinsta

Kinsta was started in 2013 to become the best WordPress hosting brand. Its headquarters are in Omaha, Nebraska.  As they thought now they have become the leading WordPress hosting provider in the WordPress hosting circle.

About WPX

Traffic Planet Hosting changed its name to WPX Hosting on the 4th of October 2016. Terry Kyle is the CEO of WPX. He started his online business in 1998 and switched over to many hosting companies with very low-quality web hosting.  

So, he knows the drawbacks and problems of web hosting companies. So, he knows the pain of the website owners, and now he is trying to resolve them with WPX WordPress hosting.

Many people like to use WordPress hosting. But the prices are too high with average uptime and loading speed. 

WPX offers very high features at a competitive price.  

kinsta vs WPX Pros & Cons

Pros99.99 Uptime Guarantee
Very Fast Loading Speed
24/7 Live Chat Support with experts
25+ Data Center locations
Ease of Use Dashboard
30 Days Money-back guarantee
Free SSL
Free Kinsta CDN
Free DDoS protection on all plans
Free Site Migration
Free Daily Backups
One-Click Staging Environment
Same 99.995% Uptime Guarantee
Quick Loading Speed
Low price with high features
3 Data Center Locations
Free SSL
Free WPX Cloud CDN
Cheap Domain Name pricing
24/7 Call & Chat Support
30 Days Money-Back Guarantee
One-Click Staging Environment
Free Daily Backups
ConsYou can’t purchase domain names
No Email Hosting (
The starting price is little bit high

Kinsta Vs Wpx Uptime Performance

Kinsta Uptime

As usual, you should see the uptime performance of the hosting company before choosing them.

Kinsta Uptime Performance

Kinsta provides a 99.99% uptime guarantee. But in reality, they provide 100% for many of the months. So, it will be sure enough that your site will be live 24/7 without any interruptions.

Wpx Uptime

Many cheap-priced hosting providers will tell but not provide reliable uptime. And the downtime is the very worst thing for all the website owners. However, this is not the case for WPX.

WPX Hosting Uptime Performance

WPX provides a 99.95% uptime guarantee. So, You don’t need to worry about their uptime performance. They are rock-solid

Winner: Both provide a solid uptime as expected by website owners.  

Kinsta vs Wpx Loading Speed

Loading speed is important for any type of website. Because for the two main reasons:

Google tries to index quick-loading speed websites on the top

Loading speed improves the pleasant experience for your visitors.

Kinsta provides a very fast loading speed for its customers. They have 28 data center locations. So, their speed performance will make you happy for life long. They have a response time between 130ms to 400ms.

Wpx also provides very fast loading speed performance with a response time of 300 to 700ms. And WPX is a little slower than Kinsta. Even though, it is also a good speed performance.

But Kinsta is the winner when it comes to loading speed.

Winner: Kinsta

Kinsta vs Wpx customer support

Both of them provide 24/7 live chat support. So, you can get your doubts clarified there without any delay.  

If you are a non-technical guy, then you should surely see the customer support of the hosting companies before choosing them. And you could not solve every problem on your website by yourself. So, you need some assistance.

Both Kinsta and Wpx provide industry-leading customer support.

But Kinsta is better than Wpx Why?

WPX has three-level support staff. So, depending on the site’s issue, you will be contacted by any level of the support staff.

But Kinsta has a single-level support staff with their senior support staff with great knowledge people.  

So, you will be directly in touch with the leading technical support people in Kinsta. It will reduce your waste of time.

While testing customer support in different hosting companies, I have noticed that many of the hosting companies will simply copy and paste the answers from their knowledge base of FAQ for our questions.

But, the Wpx hosting support team doesn’t simply copy and paste the answers for the customer questions while live chat support. They are answering, in brief, for our questions. Here is an example from them.  

So, in this customer support segment, both of them is the winner.

Winner: Both

Kinsta vs Wpx Pricing

Kinsta Pricing

Kinsta has 10 pricing plans 

Kinsta Pricing
Kinsta Pricing

Kinsta starter plan is $30/month for the monthly plan and $300/year if you go to the yearly plan. In this plan, you can host one website with 10GB disk space, and get up to 25,000 monthly visits for your website. And you will get a free SSL and Kinsta CDN.

Like this Kinsta has 9 more plans

And the advantage of using Kinsta. 

If you want to need more disk space, then you don’t need to upgrade the plan. 

Simple pay $2/GB for additional disk space. And it is even fit for visitors. If you get additional visitors to your website, then pay $1 per 1000 visitors

Likewise, if you reach the CDN limitation they will keep your website running but you need to pay $0.10/GB.

These are the overage prices in Kinsta.

WPX Pricing

Wpx offers three different pricing plans Business, Professional, and Elite.

WPX Hosting Pricing
WPX Hosting Pricing

Business plan:  This plan helps you to host up to 5 websites with 10GB storage, 100GB bandwidth, and WPX Cloud CDN.

Professional Plan:  In this plan, you can host up to 15 websites with 20GB Storage 200GB Bandwidth, and WPX Cloud CDN.

Elite Plan:  In this plan, you can host up to 35 Websites with 40GB Storage, Unlimited Bandwidth, and WPX Cloud CDN.

Kinsta Vs WPX Security

Kinsta Security

  • Free Daily Backups 
  • (Hourly Backups for an additional $100/site/month: Recommended for very big sites)
  • Two Factor Authentication
  • Cloudflare’s enterprise-level firewall 
  • Free Hack Fix Guarantee
  • Free DDoS Protection
  • Uptime Monitoring

WPX Hosting Security

  • Free Daily Backups
  • Fix the hack problems for Free
  • Malware Removal for Free
  • Two Factor Authentication
  • DDoS Protection

Data Centers

Kinsta has 28 data centers>>>>>>>

Kinsta Data Centers

Do I lie? No.

See the big list of Kinsta data center locations here.

  1. Changhua County, Taiwan 
  2. Hong Kong 
  3. Tokyo, Japan 
  4. Osaka, Japan
  5. Seoul, South Korea
  6. Mumbai, India
  7. Delhi, India
  8. Jurong West, Singapore
  9. Jakarta, Indonesia
  10. Sydney, Australia
  11. Melbourne, Australia
  12. Warsaw, Poland
  13. Hamina, Finland
  14. St. Ghislain, Belgium
  15. London, United Kingdom
  16. Frankfurt, Germany
  17. Eemshaven, Netherlands
  18. Zurich, Switzerland
  19. Montreal, Canada
  20. Toronto, Canada
  21. Sao Paulo, Brazil
  22. Council Bluffs, Iowa, USA
  23. Moncks Corner, South Carolina, USA
  24. Ashburn, Virginia, USA
  25. The Dalles, Oregon, USA
  26. Los Angeles, California, USA
  27. Salt Lake City, Utah, USA 
  28. Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

Kinsta has a very large amount of data center locations compared to all the Managed WordPress hosting companies.  

Wpx Hosting Datacenter Locations

WPX Data Centers

Wpx hosting has 3 data centers in three top-tier countries United States, the United Kingdom, and Australia. The exact locations are

  • Chicago, USA
  • Sydney, Australia
  • London, UK

See the huge difference between WPX and Kinsta. Kinsta offers data center locations in various countries India, Japan, and many more. Even CDN is providing both of them with more number of datacenter enhances better loading page speed for your website.  

So, Kinsta is the winner.

Dashboard Experience

Both the Kinsta and Wpx hosting provide an easy-to-use custom Cpanel dashboard. So, you don’t need to use the very old Cpanel model.

Kinsta Dashboard
Kinsta Dashboard

This custom Cpanel dashboard helps you to access your account very fast and easily without any confusion.

WPX Hosting Dashboard
WPX Hosting Dashboard

Any beginners without any previous experience can also, use both hosting dashboards are easily use their custom Cpanel dashboard.

So, access everything in a single dashboard.

Winner: Both of them are the winners.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Kinsta good hosting?

Yes, Kinsta is the best hosting company in the world that provides consistent performance in aspects of Uptime, Load time etc.

Is WPX hosting good?

WPX is also the best managed wordpress hosting company that provides rock-solid uptime performance and a faster load time for an affordable price than its competitors like and Kinsta.

How fast is WPX Hosting?

WPX Hosting servers are hosted on Apache + Nginx Servers with their unique CDN named WPX XDN with 30+ Data points that allow your website to get faster load times.

Who is the owner of WPX hosting?

Terry Kyle is the owner of WPX Hosting.

Final Verdict of Kinsta Vs Wpx

In my point of view, both Kinsta and Wpx are rock-solid WordPress hosting for your business. Both of them will not disappoint you for sure. 

But what should you choose?

Kinsta is made for big companies. So, if you have already big visitors to the website or you want the topmost infrastructure for your website then Kinsta is the best choice for you.

But Keep in mind>>>  

Kinsta does not provide domain names. So, you must go for other domain registrars to register your domain name.

Kinsta does not provide email hosting. You need to go for any other external resources to create business emails. (Example:

But in wpx, you can create unlimited professional email accounts without any extra cost.  

And they are providing domain names at a competitive price. Premium WordPress hosting platforms will not provide a .com domain for just $13.99.  

But Wpx provides!!!! 

Wpx hosting is also the best WordPress hosting platform, and Wpx provides a very good infrastructure for a small affordable price.

For example, their Business (basic) plan is just $20.89/month. And this is very cheap and affordable for everyone.

What would I choose?

I have become the craze to WPX Hosting because of their quality with competitive price. So, as soon as my site grows, I will surely go for WPX hosting.

Still confused??

Simply If you have a budget, then I would recommend you to go for Kinsta. If not, then go for Wpx hosting.  

After making your decision buy through any of the above links, and buy a Coke without any extra cost for you.

Anyway, thanks for reading my post.

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