Namehero Vs Siteground 2024 – Real Hero Vs Hyped Hosting

Introduction of Namehero vs Siteground

Whenever there is a hosting comparison, Siteground will be included in the list. Due to their premium pricing and good uptime performance, people think that Siteground is the best hosting company.  

Unfortunately there a many hidden gems like Namehero, Chemicloud, Hostarmada, etc. These names are not at all aware by the website owners.

Namehero Vs Siteground
Namehero Vs Siteground

But it is really important to know about these hosting companies and how they compare with well-established plans like Siteground, Bluehost, Dreamhost, etc.

So, in this review, we are going to see a well-detailed comparison of the Siteground Vs Namehero.

This blog is also proudly hosted on Namehero. But is it worth the money or not??

Let us know at the end of this blog with all the valuable data I have collected from various sources.

Dive Deep!

Uptime performance
Load Time
Security features
Customer Support
Free Website Migrations
Data Centers
Ease of Use

About Namehero

Ryan Gray founded Namehero in 2015. NameHero is a web hosting company known for its high-performance & reliable hosting solutions. Namehero providing cutting-edge technology, exceptional customer support, and user-friendly interfaces set it apart in the competitive web hosting industry. NameHero also provides shared, reseller, VPS, and dedicated hosting. 

NameHero consistently growing due to its innovative features and its competitive pricing plans. Namehero currently has more than 40k customer with 650k websites hosted on their servers.

About Siteground

Siteground was founded in 2004 by a group of college friends. Siteground is one of the recommended hosting companies. Siteground is popular for its 99.99% uptime guarantee, excellent loading speed, and unique user-friendly CPanel dashboard with 24/7 customer support.

Siteground also provides various hosting services like Web Hosting, Managed WordPress hosting, Reseller hosting, and Cloud Hosting. Siteground web hosting plan currently hosts more than 2.8 Million websites. This is very much bigger client base compared to Namehero.

Uptime Performances

Namehero Uptime Performance

Namehero promises a 99.9% Uptime guarantee. Namehero uses the leading hardware and new technology servers that allow your website to be online 24/7 without any downtime. It means your website will be consistently running without any crashes all the time.  

Namehero partnered with the best software and hardware providers in the industry to manage high-traffic websites. Namehero consistently monitors the servers 24/7/365 with the help of the NOC monitoring system with a dedicated team. That helps to find out any service disruptions and to sort out and fix them immediately.

Namehero also monitors their server performances with third-party software like Pingdom. This also helps them to find out the outage issues quicker.

See my website uptime performance for the past few days.

Namehero Uptime Performance
Namehero Uptime Performance

Namehero also monitors the server response time crucially. If there is any higher server response time, then there is a chance of accidental outages on the servers. So, through this also they monitor the uptime performance.

Siteground Uptime Performance

Sitegound also promises a 99.99% uptime guarantee for all their hosting plans. Siteground has developed a server monitoring platform that monitors their servers every 0.5 seconds for 24/7/365.  

Siteground Uptime Performance

Their commitment to using advanced server technologies and optimizing their services contributes to the overall stability of hosted websites. And in real time they are nailed it.  

Siteground provided 99.9% Uptime performance for the past 12 months consistently. This shows that they are providing a reliable hosting provider without any doubt.

Winner: Both 🏆

Loading Speed Performance

Namehero Loading Speed

Namehero comes with NVMe Storage which has advanced storage space than SSD storage.

Namehero servers are using Litespeed web servers that are much faster than the old Apache and NGNIX servers.  

So, I tried to check my website in Gtmetrix. The results impressed me a lot.

Namehero Loading Speed Performance
Namehero Loading Speed Performance

Siteground Loading Speed

Siteground uses the old SSD storage which is not worth the price you are paying for their services. Siteground servers are using NGNIX servers which is also an older feature compared to LiteSpeed Web Server.

This LiteSpeed web server is the fastest technology in this century. But Siteground failed to adapt to it. So, if you intend to have a faster load time, then stay away from Siteground.

So, the absolute winner for the load time is Namehero.

Winner: Namehero🏆

Customer Support

Namehero Customer Support

Namehero provides 24/7/365 Live chat support with their technical team, an Email support ticket system, and FAQ-based knowledgebase articles.

Namehero Customer Support
Namehero Customer Support

Siteground Customer Support

Siteground also provides the same 24/7 live chat support, Email Support tickets, knowledge base, and FAQ tutorials.

Siteground Customer Support
Siteground Customer Support

Both the companies are providing a well knowledged and dedicated support team. So, beginners will benefit a lot.

So, Both the Namehero and Siteground are the winners.


Namehero Pricing

Namehero Plans start at $4/Month. It is very much lesser compared to Siteground. In case of renewal, it is around $9/Month which is comparatively less than Siteground.

Namehero Web Hosting Plans
Namehero Web Hosting Plans

Namhero Comes with four different web hosting pricing plans. They are

  • Starter cloud
  • Plus cloud
  • Turbo cloud
  • Business Cloud

This blog is hosted on the Namehero Plus cloud plan.  

Siteground Pricing

Siteground is the highest-charging web hosting platform in the industry. Anyways it offers limited features compared to the Namehero.

Siteground basic plan pricing is $4/Month. But at the time of renewal, you need to pay $18/month which is very much higher fee compared to all other web hosting providers in the industry.

Siteground Web Hosting Plans
Siteground Web Hosting Plans

Not only in the case of hosting. Siteground also charges $17/month for the domain names. This is also higher than its competitor Namehero.

Some people will think that Siteground will provide more quality service than Namehero. But is the case??

Simply NO!  

Siteground pricing is not at all worth it for that pricing plan compared to Namehero. Here are the reasons.

Namehero provides top-notch features & specifications compared to Siteground in all their hosting plan. Let us categorize everything in the below table.

Winner: Namehero🏆

Data Centers Locations

Namehero Data CentersSiteground Data Centers
USA, Kansas CityUSA lowa
USA, MissouriUSA Virginia
Europe, The NetherlandsUSA Texas
USA California
Europe, The Netherlands
France, Paris
United Kingdom, London
Asia, Singapore
Australia, Sydney

Namehero Data Centers

Namehero has very few data centers than Siteground. Even though Namehero has fewer data centers, they are providing Quic Cloudflare CDN that allows you to spread your website throughout the world. 

Siteground Data Centers

Siteground has 10 data centers in 8 different countries. Siteground data centers have a higher level of redundancy. This reduces the outages in servers and crashes in server response time.

All the servers are interconnected with their unique technologies. So, this allows your website to load quickly.

Winner: Siteground🏆

Caching Technologies

Namehero Caching 

Nameheo includes its LiteSpeed caching plugin in all its web hosting plans. Even this blog uses the Litespeed Caching plugin to cache the site. This Litespeed caching comes with more advanced features than the SG Optimizer plugins.

Namehero LiteSpeed Cache
Namehero LiteSpeed Cache

Litespeed caching plugin is the second most used caching plugin in the industry. So, your site could be cached and optimized with all the HTML, JS, and CSS codes better than the Siteground hosting.

You could also replace images in webp versions with the help of the LiteSpeed Caching plugin.

Siteground Caching

Siteground offers its own built-in caching plugin named SG Optimizer. SG optimizer allows you to cache your website. Unfortunately, the features of the SG Optimizer plugin lag behind the newer generation technologies.

SG Optimizer
SG Optimizer

SG Optimizer does not come with removing unused CSS, delay javascript, preload links, lazyload background images, etc.

So, In the case of caching, Namehero uses the latest technologies than Siteground.

Winner: Namehero🏆

CDN – Who provides best

Namehero CDN

CDN stands for Content Delivery Network. CDN allows your website to load faster throughout the world. This happens when your website is spread throughout the servers across the world.  

Namehero provides which is almost a freemium tool. The basic free version is more than enough for a beginner. This also improves your website TTFB.  

Namehero CDN
Namehero CDN

Namhero free plan has only 6 PoP and its standard plan has 83 Pop’s. The free plan is more than enough for full-page caching and image optimization.

Siteground CDN

Siteground provides their in-built CDN. It is also a freemium tool. But Siteground CDN missing many features like full page caching, and image optimization like replacing video thumbnails has images.

Siteground CDN
Siteground CDN

Fortunately, Siteground has 176 PoP which is a bigger number compared to the Namhero hosting.  

Unfortunately, the pricing of the premium plan is much higher than the Namehero hosting.

Winner: Namehero🏆

Ease of Use – Userfriendly Dashboard

Namehero Client Area

Namehero provides a Client area and a normal Cpanel for all its users. This will be helpful for already experienced people but a little bit tougher for the newbies.

This is the dashboard of the Namehero hosting. You can do a few basic things like create a mail, change the account details, contact customer support, or raise support tickets from the client area.

Namhero Dashboard
Namhero Dashboard

Taking backups or restoring your site, installing wordpress in your site can be done only on the normal Cpanel dashboard.

Siteground Site Tools

Siteground provides a custom Cpanel known as Sitetools. Siteground’s Sitetool dashboard is user-friendly compared to Namehero.  

Siteground Dashboard
Siteground Dashboard

You can install wordpress, add emails, and manage all the files in their own custom Cpanel dashboard itself.

In the case of ease of use, Sitground is much better than the Namehero.

Winner: Siteground🏆

Storage & CPU Specifications

Namehero provides NVMe storage which is better than HDD, and SSD drives. Then Namehero basic plans come with slightly higher inode counts than Siteground inode counts.  

So, Namehero is the clear winner when you compare it with the Siteground hosting server resources.  

Winner: Namehero🏆

Final Verdict of Namehero Vs Siteground

I recommend my readers to go for Namehero for the following reasons

Which is Best Namehero Or Siteground

  • 99.99% Uptime Performance
  • NVMe Storage
  • LiteSpeed Webserver
  • Quic. cloud CDN
  • Faster load time performance
  • Affordable Pricing Compared to Siteground
  • 24/7/365 Customer Support
  • Free Website Migrations

After reading this blog if you have an idea to purchase Namehero, then buy through any one of the above links to buy me a Coke without any extra cost for you.

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