Rehub Theme Review 2024 – Why You Should Buy Them?

REHub Theme Review


Responsive Designs
Page Builder Compatibility
Ecommerce Integrations
Speed Performance

Rehub WordPress Theme

Rehub is a hybrid multipurpose wordpress theme that helps bloggers, affiliates, Ecommerce website owners to create wonderful websites.


Introduction of REHub Theme Review

Welcome to my honest rehub theme review.

Are you looking to start a money-making blog, review site, deal site, comparison site, or a Multivendor site?

Rehub Theme Review
Rehub Theme Review

If you might fall under any of the above categories, then the Rehub WordPress theme is for you.


Rehub theme is going to be an all-in-one solution for all types of sites.

But wait before purchasing. Because I am going to provide you with my value-packed Rehub theme review in this post.

So, Now let us dive deep into the Rehub theme review.

What is Rehub Theme?

Simply put, Rehub is a wordpress theme. It is not like other themes.

Some themes will be best for the blog, some will be best for the review site, and some will be best for the price comparison site, and go on…….

But Rehub is all in one hybrid theme.

The Rehub theme was created and developed by Sizam. And the theme is marketed in the ThemeForest (Envato Marketplace)

Rehub WordPress Theme
Rehub WordPress Theme

Rehub theme has more than 38,000+ purchases with a top-notch 4.91 rating.

While other themes provide page builder compatibility, Rehub provides the Gutenberg blocks.

This makes the sites quite faster load time than built using page builders like Elementor.

I am not blaming Elementor. Because I too a fan of Elementor.

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Now let us see the features of the Rehub Theme.

Features of Rehub Theme

30+ Post and Product Layouts

30 Product Layouts
30 Product Layouts

Rehub Theme comes with 30+ different post and product layouts. Those themes are completely unique from one another. So, you can use anyone from it for your website.

30 Special Blocks for Page Builders

Rehub theme provides you with 30 special blocks. And the 30 blocks are not only for page builders. It also includes Gutenberg blocks. They are

  1. InfoBox
  2. Title Box
  3. Heading
  4. Post Offer Box
  5. Offer Box
  6. Review Box
  7. Accordion
  8. Pros & Cons
  9. Post Offer Listing
  10. Offer Listing
  11. Verus Table (vs)
  12. Woo Commerce Box
  13. Slider
  14. Itinerary
  15. Slider
  16. Promo Box
  17. Pretty List
  18. Review Headin
  19. Colour Heading
  20. Comparison Table and so on.

Page Builder Compatibility

A Theme will become awesome when it is compatible with any page builder. And if the name of the page builder is Elementor or Wp Bakery Page Builder, then it is Super awesome!!

Page Builder Compatibility
Page Builder Compatibility

It is Crazy, right?

Rehub WordPress theme perfectly compacts with page builders like Elementor and Wp Bakery page builder. It also comes with 30 special blocks for Elementor page builder and Wp Bakery Page builder.

SEO Booster Blocks

The above blocks will be provided by all the themes.

But the Rehub theme for wordpress provides you something special.

What is it

  • Review Schema and Snippets
  • Video schema
  • Listings 
  • Faq Schema
  • Product Schema and snippets

These features are very powerful, and it helps your sites to rank easily on Google. Most of the themes will not provide these features.  

And Google nowadays demands review snippets from your website to rank higher than your competitor’s websites.

Then you need to purchase any other plugins like WP Rich Snippets and RankMath Pro to get these features. But Rehub provides them completely for free.

Multipurpose Theme

Some themes are only for one purpose. But, the Rehub theme is multipurpose.

You can create any type of website with it like 

  • Magazines
  • Blogs
  • affiliate websites
  • Review Websites
  • amazon affiliate websites
  • Price Comparison websites
  • Listicles websites
  • Woo-Commerce websites
  • Multivendor Marketplace websites

and the list goes on.

You might fall under all the categories. But the Rehub theme will suit your websites.

Multivendor Integrations

You can also create multivendor E-commerce websites using the Rehub theme. Rehub theme completely integrates or compacts with all the leading multi-vendor plugins like Dokan, WC Vendors, and a few more.

Optimized For Speed Performance

All the features are important. But website speed is more important. Because, Google loves a faster website to rank higher. And even everyone likes a faster website.  

Rehub Theme Speed Performance
Rehub Theme Speed Performance

The Rehub theme is coded and specially optimized for speed. Rehub wordpress theme scores 100% in Gtmetrix. So, it will be perfectly a good choice for you.

Powerful E-Commerce Marketing Pack

FOMO makes huge conversions for your selling products.

FOMO means Fear of Missing Out. You might see on some websites, that they will advertise like within a few offers the offers are going to end and they will add a counter for it.

And the customer feels the offer is really going to end. So, they purchase them immediately. This is one of the FOMO strategies. Rehub theme comes with various FOMO strategies like this.

  1. Fake Stock Sold Numbers
  2. Countdown Timers
  3. Listings

Create User Interaction Websites

You can easily add user-interacted features like thumbs-up signs, User ratings, post views, and product views. This will enhance your website to be user interactive website.

Integrates with Tutor LMS plugin

Rehub theme integrates with Tutor LMS Plugin also. You can also create any courses and sell them to your customers using this theme + Tutor LMS Plugin.  

12 Bonus Plugins Worth $500

  1. Wp Bakery Page Builder – Page Builder plugin
  2. Revolution Slider – #1 Leading Slider plugins 
  3. Import WP Pro – For Bulk Importing
  4. Rehub Link Pro – To Manage the affiliate links
  5. RH Front End Pro – To Manage Front-end Submissions
  6. RH Chart Pro – Create and embed various high-converting charts
  7. RH GIf’s – Add featured images also in GIF’s Formats

and a few more.

Rehub Theme Price

The Rehub theme price is $59 with lifetime updates and 6 months of customer support.

And if you need one-year customer support with lifetime updates, then the price will be $77.

Pros of Rehub Theme

  • Constant 8-Year Updates – Reliable Theme
  • Forever Lifetime updates
  • One Time Fee
  • Amazon Recommended Affiliate Theme
  • Free $500 Worth Bonus Plugins
  • Dark Layouts
  • Printable Coupons
  • Faster Loading Speed
  • Multicurrency Support
  • 6 months of customer support

Cons of Rehub Theme

  • There is none except the limited period of customer support.

Frequently Asked Questions on Rehub Theme

How do I update my REHub theme?

You can update the Rehub theme through your wordpress dashboard like a normal wordpress theme.

What is the price of the Rehub wordpress theme?

The price of the rehub theme is $59.

Do You get any freebies?

You will get 12 bonus free plugins worth more than $500. 

Conclusion of Rehub Theme Review

First, thanks guys for reading my Rehub theme Review.  

Rehub wordpress theme is the #1 Amazon-recommended affiliate WordPress theme. So, it will be very powerful for your affiliate conversions.

And it will be the best choice for affiliate marketing websites and listings websites. Also read our rehub theme alternatives blog if you think Rehub is not a right theme for you.

So, grab it now by clicking here or any of the above links to buy me a coffee without any extra cost for you.

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