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Introduction of Vs Kinsta and Kinsta both are the leading managed wordpress hosting providers. And they are a bigger company in the managed wordpress hosting industry than everyone. Vs Kinsta Vs Kinsta

Unfortunately, there are so many reviews that will push you to take the wrong one. But I don’t want to do the same for my viewers.

And if you are looking to choose the right managed wordpress hosting between and Kinsta, then this blog post will make you make the right decision with fantastic clarity.

History of is a premium managed wordpress hosting company that provides premium managed wordpress hosting solutions to its users. was founded by Ben Gabler in 2020. He has hands-on experience in hosting for a very long time.

The main motive or mission of the company is to make your website faster than ever compared to other hosting providers.

Next, they are introducing Cloudflare Enterprise with 310 PoP that makes your website faster throughout the globe.

In simple words, they are trying to be on the top of the table within a short period by pitching the users by asking their $1 Deal.

This deal is quite crazy for the people who like to test their services. I am really surprised to see this $1 deal for the first month.

History of Kinsta

Kinsta is also a premium managed wordpress hosting provider owned by a private company. Kinsta was founded in 2013 with a mission to provide enterprise-level managed wordpress solutions to larger business websites that have a much larger number of visitors.


Kinsta achieved many milestones as they have been in the market for a decade. They have more than 25,000 bigger business websites that have been hosted on their servers.

So, this ensures that Kinsta is a fundamentally stronger company in the managed WordPress community.

Uptime Performance

Uptime performance is one of the important factors in ping the Google algorithms that your website is alive. It means your websites should be online throughout the servers without any downtime.

In this case, uses Apache + Nginx Servers with the Cloudflare Enterprise CDN to make your website globally live anytime without any crashes. also has unique server monitoring tools with its experienced technical people to watch and prevent the Servers from any downtime issues.

With the help of these standard specs, Rocket is giving its bold claim of a 99.99% Uptime guarantee. And in real-time, has been providing 100% Uptime for the past 12 months.

Is it real?? Vs Kinsta Vs Kinsta

Yes, I have been checking a website uptime performance that has been hosted on WordPress Hosting with an uptime checker tool named Uptime Robot for the past two months. The results prove that provides fantastic uptime performance for sure.

Kinsta also has a bold claim of a 99.9% uptime guarantee. Kinsta uses Apache + Nginx servers. And Kinsta has a custom in-built server monitoring tool with a frequency of every 2 minutes. Kinsta monitors your websites 720 times every day to provide an industry-leading uptime of 99.99% uptime.

They also provide you with a server monitoring tool for no cost. If there are any issues, then the Kinsta technical team will immediately fix to times. If your domain has any configuration issues and the SSL certificate expires, Kinsta will immediately give a notification. 

Kinsta Uptime
Kinsta Uptime

In real-time Kinsta also provided uptime of 100% for the past few months.

Loading Speed Performace comes with Cloudflare enterprise with 310 PoP. First this results in a faster load time throughout the globe. Next, Rocket has unlimited PHP workers without any additional cost. comes with Redis and Object Cache Pro which will cost you another $100 if you want in Kinsta.

With the help of speed optimization features, has a Global TTFB of below 100MS that is faster than all the WordPress Hosting platforms including Kinsta. uses NVMe storage while Kinsta uses SSD. This makes the faster than Kinsta.

In the case of Kinsta, they are not optimized for speed like If you want a speedy website while hosting in Kinsta, then you need to pay more.

Kinsta uses Apache’s PHP Server Processing. But uses Litespeed’s PHP server. This will make the website load faster with efficient use of resources.

In DNS preferences Cloudflares has a very fast response time when we compared it with Kinsta’s Amazon Route23.

Free image caching and smart caching options are available in the plans but Kinsta has all these mindblowing features. So, in the case of the speed performance, I will go for throws your free Redis Object cache in all its plans. In Kinsta you need to pay $100 extra for it. 

In all the aspects of speed, wins the race with its blockbuster features. Loading Speed Loading Speed

I have checked the website speed by checking, whose website is hosted on The website is loading at super faster like Rocket.

It wonderful right!

Then what about Kinsta

Its slow when you compared to when I checked the site of Harsh Agarwal website (Inida’s NO.1 Blogger)

Kinsta Loading Speed
Kinsta Loading Speed

Security provides free SSL certificates in all its plans. comes with full-stack wordpress security. So, it shows that all your websites are stored in enterprise-level secured servers. No one can attack your website files. And your websites are always online with their uptime performance. provides a 14-day backup retention of your websites. So, if anything goes wrong simply restore using the backed-up data.

Enterprise Level Website Application Firewall ensures your website visitors are normal or bot traffic or any hackers consistently trying to enter your websites.

All the security systems eliminate hackers from entering your websites. So, all your website files are even safer. And an Immunity 360 malware scanning security to ensure that your website is away from malware attacks.

Kinsta also provides a lets encrypt wildcard free SSL certificate. Kinsta also uses enterprise-level firewalls and DDoS protection with two powerful firewalls to protect your sites at all times. GCP’s IP-based protection firewall and Cloudflare’s enterprise-level firewall will always prevent Kinsta’s servers from being attacked.

Kinsta servers are hosted on the premium tier Google Cloud platform for the best security features. And it helps to push your website data by delivering traffic through Google’s well-provisioned, low-latency, and global network.

Kinsta provides hack free environment with the help of its hardware firewalls. And Kinsta has multilayer server security systems. So, the hackers can’t hack everything to hack your website.

Kinsta provides 14 days of backups of your website. So, if your site got hacked or any other issues, then you can simply restore the website from the backed-up files.

Data Centers

Kinsta has 25 Data Centers with the Cloudflare free CDN. In the case of, it has only four data centers which is very much lesser than Kinsta.

But wins the speed

Am I joking, then how did it happen??

Data Centers1135
CDNCloudflare EnterpriseCloudflare CDN
ResultsFastestAverage has 10 data center locations in the US, Europe, and Asia etc. comes with Cloudflare Enterprise CDN with 300+ PoPs and many more CDN features like prioritized routing and Argo Smart Routing, global TTFB to make your website load faster.  

So, wins the speed even though they are having fewer data centers than Kinsta.

Customer Support

When it comes to customer support both Kinsta and are the leading ones. holds the leading quicker response live chat time of 49 Seconds. Both of them are the leading managed wordpress hosting providers, and it has technical knowledgeable leading experts to solve all your issues related to your wordpress websites.  

Not only live chat support, but they also provide email support tickets and knowledge base articles. So, both of them are the winners of customer support.


Starts atJust $1 for the first month
Then $25/month
StorageNVMe SSD
Nginx Reverse ProxyFree$50
PHP ProcessingLiteSpeedNginx
Free Website MigrationsUnlimitedLimited
Try Rocket.netTry Kinsta Starts at Just $1

Again Am I joking

No, provides a $1 trial for the first month to its users. And from the second month, your plan starts at $25/month if you are going to pay yearly and $30/month if you are going to pay monthly. comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee. Fortunately, doesn’t have any hidden upsells to suck your money. Pricing Pricing has 4 different pricing plans for managed hosting.

They are

Starter:  If you are a beginner who is going to start with 1 website. In this starter plan, you can host one website, 10GB NVMe Storage, up to 250,000 visitors with 50GB Bandwidth with unlimited PHP workers.

Pro: Pro helps you to host 3 websites, comes with 20GB NVMe storage, gets up to 1,000,000 visitors, and 100GB Bandwidth with unlimited PHP workers.

Business:  Here you can host 10 websites, 40GB Storage, get up to 2,500,000 visitors, and 300GB Bandwidth, with unlimited PHP workers. 

Expert:  Here you can host 25 websites, 5,000,000 visitors, 50GB Storage, and 500GB Bandwidth. Overage Pricing:  

  • Disk Space: $2/GB
  • Bandwidth: $0.08/GB

Fortunately, there are no other hidden upsells or addons in

And also provides Agency Hosting, and Enterprise Hosting to serve its High-end agencies and very huge traffic sites. All the above plans have a chance to explore at just $1 for the first month. 

Kinsta is a little bit more expensive than Kinsta’s starter plan starts at $29/month (350/Year) if you are going to pay yearly and $35/month if you are going to pay monthly.

Kinsta also provides multiple pricing options.

Kinsta Pricing
Kinsta Pricing

Starter: You can host one website, with 25,000 visitors. 10GB Storage, and 2 PHP Workers.

Pro: You can host two websites, with 50,000 website visitors, 20GB storage, and 2 PHP Workers.

Kinst Overage Pricing:

  • Website Visitors:  $1/1000 Visitors
  • Disk Overage Prices:  $2/GB
  • CDN:  0.10/GB

Both of the companies are providing scalable wordpress hosting plans. It means once your business starts to develop you can upgrade your hosting in the same company itself by selecting the plan that you need for your business. Kinsta also comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Other Features provides unlimited free website migrations. Once you buy the wordpress hosting from them. Simply fill out the migration form and submit it to the technical support team. So, your websites will be migrated within 45 Minutes in the case of and a few hours in the case of Kinsta without any difficulties from your side.

DashboardMission Control (User Friendly)My Kinsta (User Friendly)
Caching FeaturesMoreFew
Plugin RestrictionsNOYES
PHP WorkersUnlimitedLimited
ServersApache + NginxApache + Nginx
DNSCloudflareAmazon Route53

Kinsta provides very few free website migrations. So, this is a downside if you are looking for multiple website migrations. specializes only in wordpress, whereas Kinsta specializes in various types of hosting like application hosting, static site hosting, and database hosting.

Unfortunately, neither of the companies provides domain names and email hosting. This is the downside I felt in their services.

Dashboard provides you with a unique dashboard that allows you to manage your website efficiently without any previous experience.  

The same comes in Kinsta named “My Kinsta”. Kinsta also provides a custom in-built dashboard for its users. So, you can easily manage your websites without any technical skills and previous experience.

Caching doesn’t have any restrictions on using any caching plugins. + WP Rocket or Flyingpress will make your websites faster. And already comes out with its unique server-side caching technologies, image compression features, full page caching, and many more interesting caching features. Not only this also provides more PHP workers and several visitors compared to its competitor Kinsta.

Unfortunately, Kinsta restricts many plugins to use use in your website. You cannot use W3 Total Cache, Broken Link Checker, etc in Kinsta. Kinsta comes with its unique technologies that make your websites load faster. Kinsta also provides a low number of visitors in all its plans with a limited number of PHP workers.

So, provides value for money without any restrictions with a faster load time with its leading server-side technologies.

Final Verdict of Vs Kinsta wins in multiple cases when we compare it with Kinsta. provides a 99.99% uptime guarantee, unlimited PHP workers, more visitors, and faster load time.  

Kinsta hosts your website on the Google Cloud platform and it provides a few more storage spaces and bandwidth than This is the only upside that I found in Kinsta.

Why I am telling you to try

  • 99.99% Uptime Guarantee
  • With Cloudflare Enterprise CDN
  • For the Fastest WordPress Websites
  • Cloudflare DNS
  • Budget Friendly compared to Kinsta
  • No Hidden Upsells

So, if you are looking to try at just $1, then buy from any one of the above links and buy me a coke without any extra cost for you.

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